This is your place to talk about what matters, like what kids and teens need from adults, what they have to contribute, what our country or the world needs...or whatever you want. Other kids will get to read what's on your mind. To write us, . Be sure to tell us your age, your school, city and state or country. Then bookmark us, tell all your friends, teachers and classmates and keep checking back to see all that is new. Remember, this is YOUR site on the web, so contribute something.

What our readers are writing us and speaking out about:

Sara, 14, Lompoc,CA

Ashley, 13, Jordan High School.

Dimitris  13, Tharopoulou School, Kavala, Greece.

Amensha , 12, Jewett Academy Jr.High, Winter Haven,Fla.

Chris  13, Colony Middle School, Alaska

Dear Kids from all over the world,

BJ , Age 9.

My name is Jan 

Donyale , Miami Southridge School, Miami, FL.

Lauren , 12, Castle Heights MS, Rock Hill, SC

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