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The number of American and Canadian children and youth who run away from
home each year, live on the streets of major cities, or are abducted from their
homes by one parent or other relative or are victims of stranger abduction is a
tragedy involving millions of children.

Streetcats Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that has done pioneering
work with runaways and streetkids on the streets of New York, San Francisco
and Los Angeles and the National Childrens Coalition, co-sponsor Youth and
Children Net
on the Web and have created this MISSING AND RUNAWAY KIDS
Web Central to educate about missing and runaway children, advocate for more
help for these victimized kids and teens, help parents find their children and
present ways that you can volunteer, donate and help.

Much of what we are doing is made possible by the generous support of Noel
Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary and his Public Domain Foundation, Clorox
Corporation, AST Computer Research, Cyberian Outpost, Buongiorno Gourmet
Express and YOUR donations.

We will present articles and other resources on missing children, runaways,
and streetkids as we grow.

Until our society, government, child care agencies and courts deal far more
effectively with creating safe environments for all our children to just be
children and grow positively, free of victimization from drugs, violence in the
streets, at school and often at home and the poverty that so many children are
oppressed by, we will continue to sadly sacrifice our most important resource, our kids.

For now, here are some of the best available resources on and off the Internet,
E-mail or write us at Youth and Children Net with your ideas, suggestions,
help and donations to make this web site even more effective in preventing those
factors that motivate kids and teens to run away or keep children missing from
those who love them.

Don Fass, Director
Streetcats Foundation
Youth and Children Net