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Reviews for Child Net BY KIDS FIRST!

These reviews are copyrighted by the Coalition for Quality Children'sMedia.

KIDS FIRST!, a project of Coalition for Quality Children's Media evaluates and rates children's videotapes and CD-ROMs using a highly acclaimed method utilizing professionally designed criteria and a volunteer jury comprising child development professionals, teachers, parents and children of diverse geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. KIDS FIRST! endorsed titles appeal to people around the world and includes many programs on specialized topics important to children's development. KIDS FIRST! publishes a Directory of approved programs and hosts an award-winning Internet site for families and children. .

KIDS! SPANISH; Description: Interactive fun as wacky monster pals host over 35 activities at five levels. Teaches over 400 Spanish words and phrases for sports, animals, food, time, colors, family members and much more, as well as letters, numbers and everyday expressions. Adult comments: Good resource, teaches nouns, alphabet and numbers. Works best in an educational setting. An adult needs to be present to install program and assist in interpreting feedback. Reinforces memory skills. Contains varied levels for different abilities.
Kids comments: Some words were hard; the games were fun; kids learned a lot. "I can teach my friends when we play school." Kids missed seeing written words on screen. They loved the playback feature and learned new words in Spanish. Age: 6-10; $30; SYRACUSE LANGUAGE

RAMAGON INTERACTIVE CONSTRUCTION KIT: Makes brilliant use of animated building pieces. The kit allows children of all ages to use their imagination to formulate and build their own creations. Their work comes alive with movement and sound.
Adult Juror Comments: Content is interesting, challenging, creative and develops visual-motor skills. Very appealing, excellent quality. Good for imagination. Great for creative thinking. Made the children want to play with real tinker toys. Non-readers will need help.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids enjoyed the maneuverability of the program. Some had difficulty installing. Boys responded to it better than girls. "We liked the way the shapes moved around the screen and being able to choose our own colors." "I liked adding my own things." Age Recommended: 8-18; Suggested Retail Price: $24.95 EL-KO INTERACTIVE, INC. (Phone:215-234-3600)

AMERICAN TAIL FIEVEL GOES WEST, AN: In this adventure, brave little Fievel is lured out west by evil double-dealer Cat R. Waul, who plans to turn the settlers into mouse burgers. With help of his friend Tiger, Fievel joins forces with lawdog, Wiley Burp, to stop a sinister scheme.
Adult Juror Comments: Great movie with great animation, good music. Funny chase scenes made kids laugh. Somewhat scary in parts, particularly for younger kids. Has stereotypical modeling of good guy vs. bad guys. "Engaging storyline that we tied to learning new habitats and adapting to environments."
Kid Juror Comments: Kids love it! Fievel is a likeable role model because he takes action. "When the cats tried to eat the mice, they were bad. More kindness is shown than meanness though." "I loved seeing the dog teach the tiger." "It made me think about the desert habitat."
Age Recommended: 4-8; Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.98

BIG HARBOR BEDTIME: These fun-filled adventures center around Theodore, a stouthearted tugboat and his many friends in the Big Harbor. Anthology includes "Emily and the Sleep Over," "Theodore's Bright Night" and "Foduck and the Shy Ship."
Adult Juror Comments: Friendly, fun, slightly unusual characters. Content and language is very age appropriate. Encourages respectful behavior. A simple production.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids like the short stories and narration, the peer interaction and showing emotions. "My seven-year-old watched attentively. My two year olds sang along."
Age Recommended: 4-7; Suggested Retail Price: $ 12.95

DR. BIP'S NEW BABY TIPS: Dr. Bip, an animated character, explains to young children what to expect when mommy and daddy bring home a new baby. Addresses the emotional aspects, as well as some practical, common sense health tips for kids.
Adult Juror Comments: Addresses jealousy, responsibility and safety. May motivate questions for siblings. Bip is appealing to some but many found his rhyming narration annoying. The language used is not always age-appropriate. Stereotypical gender representations, lacks diversity.
Kid Juror Comments: Appeals to those who are expecting a brother or sister. Kids remembered the safety tips: "Never let go and never pick up the baby without an adult. It's slippery." Kids didn't care for the rhyming. The content was often missed due to the rhyming.
Age Recommended: 3-6; Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95
KIDZ-MED, INC. (phone: 205-361-6216)

FAMILIES OF JAPAN; Description: Spend a day with Seichi and Ayako's farm and city families and take in Sports Day, a silent piano, feeding chickens, grocery shopping, an engagement ceremony, rice planting and calligraphy. How are these kids' lives similar or different from our own?
Adult comments: Nice pace, very educational, thorough presentation. Shows how respectful Japanese children are towards each other. Presents a high regard for education and self responsibility. Particularly well suited to kids exploring geography and other cultures.
Kids comments: Kids liked that Japanese children do the same things they do: tug of war, basketball and tennis. They noticed that they have more letters to learn. "Now I know how rice is planted." Favorite parts: Sports Day, Sumo wrestlers, a day in school. Length: format: VIDEO
Age: 5-10; $29.95;

FAMILIES OF SWEDEN; Description: Evelina and Matthew take the viewer through a day in the lives of their families: a birthday party, computer games, history class, pony ride, feeding ducks, swimming lesson and moose steak. Gives an intriguing taste of another culture.
Adult comments: Great for discussion of cultures, traditions, family backgrounds. Shows both boy and girl perspective. Children's opinions are recognized and their needs are respected. Raises awareness of caring for our earth. Excellent educational program!
Kids comments: Kids loved learning about Swedish differences and similarities to their own culture. "They take off their shoes and have swimming lessons at school." Children discovered that their best loved stories are also a part of Swedish culture. (Slow paced) Length: format: VIDEO
Age: 5-10; $29.95;

FREEDOM ROCKS; Description: A wonderful celebration of nature's wisdom. Featuring original songs, and special guest, Joanne Shenandoah of the Iroquois Nation, this live action musical adventure rewards children of all ages with a delightful journey.
Adult comments: Discusses equality, acceptance and purpose. Fosters insightful thoughts on Native American traditions. A cheerful production with scenic shots of animals, fun songs, respectful behavior. Mixed race, culture and gender. Some Christian overtones.
Kids comments: Children understood the humor. Younger kids enjoyed dancing to the songs and music. "I like the forest part, the puppets and the different animals are great. We liked learning about how Native American sports compare to our sports." Length: format: VIDEO
Age: 3-6; $14.95;

HERE COMES THE TELETUBBIES: Teletubbies was created to enhance a child's early development and creativity. When the wind blows a magic windmill brings pictures from far away and the Teletubbies are joined to the world of real children celebrating the joy of play!
Adult Juror Comments: Cute, endearing characters; simple storylines; well presented. Age appropriate use of predictions, math concepts, recall and identification.
Kid Juror Comments: Captivating. Kids wanted to watch it again. Viewers were enticed to pay attention by guessing what was going to happen next. "I loved everything."
Age Recommended: 1-3; Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95

MAGIC MAP, THE; Description: Imagine the childlike thrill of finding an old treasure map, then finding yourself with its author, who happens to be Treasure Island writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. In the end, "The Magic Map" reveals how it is easy to find a treasure in a book!
Adult comments: Simple sets, simple dance routines. Uses humor, imagination, treasure maps and songs to present ideas about writing stories. Emphasis is on child's own discovery. Reinforces the importance of literacy and map skills. Contains Christian overtones.
Kids comments: Kids like the humor, the dancing and the original songs. It held their attention. Will also appeal to older children. "Oh, yeah, they treated each other well." "The crow is really silly. I liked when they went to the beach. My friends would giggle." Length: format: VIDEO
Age: 4-7; $14.95;

PIRATE ISLAND; Description: How would you like a treasure chest of valuable learning adventures? Benjamin Ouid, the pirate, his parrot, Yappy, and monkey, Mappy, help youngsters discover the rewards of unexpected acts of kindness and the priceless value of good friends.
Adult comments: Great plot, well thought out. A colorful, original production with pleasant scenery, cheery songs and enthusiastic, respectful characters. Encourages language, singing and expressive movement. Language is very age-appropriate. A bit "sappy" at times.
Kids comments: The girls tend to like the music, the boys liked the pirate. Kids felt it was morally uplifting. "I wanted to learn the songs." "All the people were nice to each other. We would love to find a buried treasure." They were captivated by the pirate. Length: format: VIDEO
Age: 3-7; $14.95;

OUR FRIEND MARTIN: A depiction of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using modern day animated characters who travel back in time and meet Dr. King at various points in his life. Live-action footage is mixed with animation. Sanctioned by the King family. Featuring the voices of Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, James Earl Jones, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi goldberg, Levar Burtan, Danny Glover, Ed Asner, Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Bassett and more.
Adult Juror Comments: Shows importance influence Dr. King made in America's history. Graphic images depicting racist behaviors are best viewed with adult supervision.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids really enjoyed this. Many were surprised at the content. "This video taught us to respect other people, not hate each other because of color." Age Recommended: 8-18; Suggested Retail Price: $14.98

AMERICAN TAIL, AN: The delightful animated tale of Fievel, the brave little mouse who journeys from Russia to America with his family to seek a new life free from cat persecution. When Fievel gets lost at sea and washes ashore in the New York Harbor his adventure begins.
Adult Juror Comments: Engaging story, beautiful animation, catchy songs and lovable characters. Fievel takes you on his journey with him. Brings up issues of friendship, death and separation. A bit scary for younger kids. Led to discussions about emigration, culture and language.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids were rooted to their seats, they loved Fievels' sweetness. Older kids liked the action and suspense. They knew it'd all turn out in the end. Kids learned: "Never give up, keep trying. America is a place to find hope." Age Recommended: 5-10; Suggested Retail Price: $19.98

DANCE WITH THE TELETUBBIES: Dance along with the Teletubbies, a series about movement and play. As children interact with this video, they will clap their hands, stomp their feet, and wiggle their toes one step at a time.
Adult Juror Comments: Colorful, sweet, fun, childlike and well produced. Structured for child participation: dancing and singing. Great modeling of sharing and taking turns.
Kid Juror Comments: Appealing. Younger children responded enthusiastically to music by clapping, dancing, squealing with laughter. At the end one child shouted: "More!" Age Recommended: 1-3; Suggested Retail Price: $14.95

DENNIS THE MENACE STRIKES AGAIN: America's favorite menace is back! When Dennis' grandfather moves in, Mr. Wilson feels he must keep up with his rival. Wilson is conned by bogus ways of regaining his youth. Dennis saves the day by getting Mr. Wilson into precarious situations.
Adult Juror Comments: Dennis is an appealing child - polite, well meaning and kindhearted. Older characters are loving, understanding and overall, charming. Good entertainment with plenty of surprises. Conment: humor is a little too slapstick and it contains some inappropriate language and poor behavior.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids enjoyed the slapstick humor, the story line and funny jokes. They appreciated that Dennis tried to do the right thing and be nice. Although they commented "Girls are not well respected and older people are treated as though they're stupid." Age Recommended: 6-12; Suggested Retail Price: $19.94

GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS: Goldie, a ten-year-old orphaned city girl, is sent to live with her uncle who lives deep in a forest. Goldie discovers three bears who can talk. When the bears realize she is the new "protector of their enchanted forest" and find their work cut out for them.
Adult Juror Comments: Well made and appealing with good messages. Animals and environment are charming. Could generat interest in being an orphan, the environment, lifestyles, interpersonal relationships. Perfect length. Cute and friendly.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids enjoyed the plot and commented "The movie was creative, the acting was good, the forest is important." "I want to know how to stop people from cutting down trees." Kids also noticed that "bears can't really talk." Age Recommended: 6-12; Suggested Retail Price: $19.95
NEXUS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL (phone: 310-264-5566)

IMAGINE WITH US: Molly is reading a great story about pirates, but the last few pages of the book are missing! What do you do when you don't know the ending of a story? How about using your imagination to discover a treasure?
Adult Juror Comments: Appealing colors and graphics. Loved the animated children's drawings. Encourages use of imagination. Good multi-cultural friendships demonstrated.
Kid Juror Comments: Kids wanted to watch it again. They loved using their imaginations to finish the stories. May be best viewed in segments. Age Recommended: 3-5; Suggested Retail Price:$12.95

LAND BEFORE TIME V: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, THE: Beyond the Great Valley lies an island of beauty and mystery. In this wondrous place, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie will discover old and new friends, face exciting challenges and share the adventure of a lifetime.
Adult Juror Comments: Good animation, characters, music and scenery. Teaches children to respect racial differences, the importance of friends and family. Some short sequences were scary - the earthquake, sharks and carnivorous dinosaurs. Rewards collaboration.
Kid Juror Comments: Very cute. It held everyone's interest. Kids wanted to watch it again with their friends. They thought some characters were frightening and mean; they liked Chomper best. Good music! "I like when they got back with their mommy and daddy." Age Recommended: 4-10; Suggested Retail Price: $19.98

LITTLE MEN: Louisa May Alcott's classic novel comes to life in this film starring Mariel Hemingway as the matriarch of a rural family in the late 1800's. Two troubled boys join the house, one fits in fine but the other can't leave behind his city ways.
Adult Juror Comments: Well produced: beautiful footage, good costumes, provokes insight into human nature and empathy towards others. Demonstrates powerful moral lessons.
Kid Juror Comments: Makes children think about the consequences of their actions. "Gambling, smoking and lying are stupid." "I wish I could watch this every day." Age Recommended: 6-12; Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.94

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